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Victoria Ring, Author and EntrepreneurVictoria Ring is an author, publisher and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the small business marketing field. She has published and authored 22 books, hundreds of articles as well as a series entitled "Victoria's Reports" which centered around the topic of marketing and building a successful freelance business working from home.

Victoria Ring is a Certified Paralegal and Debtor Bankruptcy Specialist. She obtained her Associate's Degree in Business Management from Columbus Business University (1986) and her Associates in Paralegal Studies from Ashworth College (2001.) She currently serves as the CEO for two successful companies: 50 State Notary and 713Training.Com,new york jet club bio, both of which were built from the "ground up" by Victoria.

Victoria Ring is also a popular speaker. Her style of training is unique because she has the ability to make learning fun for the audience. Here are just two of the hundreds of testimonials she has received from attendees at conferences she has spoken at:

"I learned more from Victoria Ring in one day than I have learned in the paralegal course I enrolled in. She makes everything simple to understand and her kind and meek personality allowed me to feel comfortable in participating in the group discussions."  J.P, Dayton OH

"Thank you Victoria for an excellent seminar. You were so kind to answer everyone's questions in simple, easy-to-understand terms. What I enjoyed the most is that you didn't stand at the podium and read a rehearsed speech. Instead, your ability to interact with the entire audience on an "ad-lib" basis demonstrates the traits of a true professional." K.R, Columbus OH

Victoria Ring has served as a key-note speaker in full-day seminars for bankruptcy paralegals through Lorman Education and NBI-SEMS.  She also was invited to speak at two workshops at the 2005 National Notary Association Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Additionally, Victoria hosts weekly teleconferences which are used as ongoing training purposes for customers who purchase her books. She also hosts her own private seminars several times per year in various areas of the United States.

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